Teddy Bruschi Calls for Roger Goodell To Step Down as NFL Commissioner After Press Conference Today

Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 11:35pm by Caesar

Amen Bruschi. So, we finally had the chance to hear Bruschi’s real opinion on this subject’s matter. On WEEI this past week, Bruschi was reticent on offering up his take on the domestic and child abuses cases circulating around the NFL. However, after Goodell gave a spotty press conference today in New York addressing the issues, Bruschi went off. He was pissed. He felt cheated by a Commissioner who was supposed to reveal more than he did, and the outspoken former linebacker for the Patriots took to NFL Live to voice his displeasure.

The question now becomes: How long does it take ESPN to bring him immediately into their office andĀ tell him to shut the hell up. It didn’t take long for Rodney Harrison to change his tune from his September 12th stance on WEEI’s D&C Show to his most recent interview with the show today.

Rodney Harrison 9-12-14: “If the commissioner had seen the video previously and still only handed out a two gameĀ suspension, I think we would have to take a seriously look at him no longer being commissioner.”

Compared with this Rodney Harrison interview on WEEI on 9-19-14: “I talked about it (Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice) all week…Let’s talk football, there is a lot of great things going on in the football world. Everyone wants to sit back and focus on the negative…you’re not going to make me focus on the negative.”

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