Marshawn Lynch Says “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined” 24 Times and I Support His Every Word

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 8:48pm by Caesar


How can you not love this guy? The media hates him and Lynch just keeps turning out yards, making big plays and carrying his team. Under this kind of self induced media spotlight, most players would fold. Most players would be suspended and you’d never hear about them again, but nope Lynch ends up having monster seasons (and amazing fantasy seasons, if I may add.) If you’re a Patriots’ fan and you approve of Bill Belichick’s media tactics, then quite simply, you love Marshawn Lynch. If anything, Lynch graduated from Belichick’s school of media relations with flying colors and actually surpassed his teacher. (We’ll assume Lynch took an online course or picked up on it while he was with the Buffalo Bills.)

Saying it right now. If the Patriots can sign Lynch in the off season for good money, they’re going for it. No questions asked. That would be a Corey Dillion steal right there. Lynch might be 29 years old next season, but that means shit. The Patriots stole a disgruntled Dillion from the Bengals after he had a poor 2003 season. 138 carries for 541 yards two touchdowns. What did he do the next year in New England? He racked up 1,635 yards and 12 touchdowns on 345 carries and carried New England literally to a Super Bowl.

Also, for those who think Lynch is a dick, I just don’t see it. He hates the media because they’re like a bunch of sissy school girls running around talking gossip when they don’t know the facts. I counted 24 “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” comments and one call out to some guy named “Max.” Why is Max the single most important part of Lynch’s press conference? Because it shows the Seahawk’s running back cares only about people he feels close too and those who he respects. (e.g., When Deion Sanders asked him questions, Lynch shrugged the former off, but gave a respectful nod at the end.)

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