Embrace the Hate. Embrace the nWo New England Patriots

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 4:00pm by Caesar

New World Order Patriots

The issue people have with the Patriots is that they act like they don’t embrace the hate. They don’t act like the nWo. They come off as a bunch of John Cena’s running up and down a football field. ¬†Fans across America are begging for the Patriots to turn heel! Become the nWo. Be who the fans know you are! (If that makes any sense.)

For example, John Cena: You win all the time. You’re going to main event WrestleMania every year until you can’t perform a proper suplex anymore. You’re the face of the WWE. You have been for 10 years. The WWE sucks your dick. You could say “shit” on WWE’s PG-rated RAW and McMahon would¬†slap your wrist and call you a naughty boy. It’d get weird, but you’d rather take that than a fine. You call out your opponents, but then you bathe them in compliments and respect and destroy them in the ring. And you can’t turn heel because, let’s face it, you have too many merchandise sales on the line. And you’ve also built a culture that consists of young kids. You’d destroy their childhood.

New England Patriots: You win all the time. You haven’t had a losing season since 2000. You main event NFL’s biggest game pretty much all of the time. You could deflate footballs or spy on the mothers of opposing quarterbacks and the NFL would “destroy the evidence.” (I’m not hating right now, I’m just saying how it is.) Your quarterback could say “fuck” on the sideline a million times and only the FCC will slap your wrist, while Marshawn Lynch racks up NFL fines for being a little nanny and grabbing his crotch. You¬†bathe your opponents with compliments and respect and then kick their ass on the field. And you simply can’t turn heel because, let’s face it, you too have a ton of merchandise sales on the line. It’s a business. And you’ve also built a culture. You’ve turned Gillette Stadium into a family-friendly environment.

Now, I’ll just say, I love that the Patriots are¬†arrogant. They are. And I respect that they are quietly arrogant. Hey, if you’re winning, don’t fix what’s broken. I’m simply pointing out that most Patriots’ haters view the team¬†like¬†WWE fans¬†view John Cena. Sure, fans would still despise¬†New England, if they turned heel, just as they¬†would despise¬†John Cena if he did the same, but they might respect both of them¬†more if they acted a little more like the nWo. Finally, those fans would feel like they aren’t being taking for a bunch of asshole idiots. They¬†would feel respected even if their favorite underdog, worthless teams and superstars were being beat into the field and mat.

Just embrace the hate Cena….embrace it!

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