Seahawks’ Fan Who Inked Repeat Tattoo in 2014. Will Keep It

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 11:00am by Caesar

Yeah, so remember this guy? Hate this guy? Makes sense as a Patriots’ fan. I’m going to kind of shit on him for a few sentences JUST for being THAT GUY, but that’s about all I can do. After doing a little research into this Seahawks’ fella who calls himself O.C., you’ll see why. So O.C. inked a “back to back champions” repeat tattoo for his beloved Seahawks on Christmas Eve 2014. It was a bold statement from a fan whose franchise actually oozes arrogance. So, it’s not a surprise the team’s brash nature rubs off onto their fan base, and it often does to the point you want to declare fucking hunting season every game day in Seattle. It’s also for that reason that I don’t feel bad for O.C for getting a repeat tattoo. He knew what he was doing and therefore, we can all point and laugh.

However, I respect the power move. And I respect O.C’s willingness to accept responsibility and keep the repeat tattoo. Can’t go all Trent Dilfer on us now man.I think I actually kind of shit on Seahawks’ fans a couple of posts ago because of the way their team acted at the end of the Super Bowl. I still think they can be annoying with the whole 12th man crap, but I guess I should, at least, respect them for being like half of the incompetent band-wagon fans around the NFL (i.e., San Diego and Jacksonville.) At least Seahawks’ fans show up and stand by their actions. Repeat tattoo and all. Also, it wasn’t like they started the fight, and they’re not Pete Carroll who allows his inmates to run the asylum.

So yeah, this guy inked this repeat tattoo, and I wanted to remind everyone what he’s been up too lately, which is pretty much what we expect. Crying like every other Seattle fan and living with the thought that he’s going to have a “back to back champions” piece of art painted on his arm for the rest of his life. The reason I can’t really hate on him to much is because of the following pictures. The guy’s a family man. Damn you pictures.

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