Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Huge Patriots’ Fans at Super Bowl 49

Posted on Feb 5 2015 - 3:00pm by Caesar

So interesting story. I had no idea Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were such giant Patriots’ fans. McMahon was killing it at the Super Bowl, tweeting out her distaste for the Seahawks and particularly Joel McHale who found it harder and harder to tweet comebacks to McMahon as his Seahawks withered away.

McMahon was born in Hartford, Connecticut, moved to Greenwhich, Connecticut and went to school at Boston University. In 1998 she earned a degree in Communications (love that) and then began to work with the WWE full-time. Her first on-air stunt was with the Undertaker. If you remember, I believe this was when he tied her to the cross as part of the Corporate Ministry story line.

Triple H was born in Nashua, New Hampshire,and after high school began a career in body building. He was crowned Teenage Mr. New Hampshire in 1988. He later trained in Malden, Massachusetts with wrestling trainer Killer Kowalski. Interestingly enough, his classmates included Perry Saturn and future girl friend Chyna. His wrestling career premiered in March 1992 at Kowalski’s promotion, the International Wrestling Federation.

So there you go. Two New England natives you thought you hated, but now simply can’t. Not only do Stephanie McMahon and Triple H call New England home, but they are huge Patriots fans. Their love for the organization was out in full force on Super Bowl Sunday.

In recent years, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have formed a heel group called “The Authority,” which pretty much controls the world and crushes opponents at will. (Sounds a little something like the Patriots.) People hate them, people despise them, but those same people can’t do anything about them. They always win in the end. (Sounds to me a little something like the Patriots.)

So sure, for anyone outside of New England, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s “The Authority” sucks and they can go to hell. But for us New Englanders, we need to appreciate the group’s reign of power, just like we appreciate the Patriots’ reign of power.



Stephanie and Tom Brady

Stephanie McMahon with friend at Super Bowl 49Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at Super Bowl 49


Stephanie mcmahon  cheering at Super Bowl 49


HHH Stephanie McMahon Super Bowl 49



Stephanie McMahon retweet of Herm Edwards


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