Final Two Minutes of Super Bowl 49 Will Make You Miss Football

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 11:00am by Caesar

Super_Bowl_XLIX_2015_-_Sound_FX_Patriots_vs… by firegrill2002

The final two minutes of Super Bowl 49 and the post game reaction was just outstanding. This video is a compilation of scenes from the SoundFX video that was first aired on Showtime and then on the NFL network. You’ve probably seen these clips a million times already, but this video takes the Seahawks out of the picture, for the most part, so we can focus on what’s important…the actual champions. And when Seattle is shown, they look like a bunch of morons running up and down the sideline trying to convince themselves they can win the game.

I will say this. Carroll seems convinced the Seahawk’s can pull out the victory. The rest of the Seahawks, I’m not so sure. Wilson’s demeanor reminds me of that guy at the bar who unsure whether or not he made a good enough impression on that smokeshow, and just stares at her while she’s talking to another guy. Totally unconvinced. A little unsure of himself. Hoping she comes stumbling back to him.

Here are a few points of interest that stood out to me while rewatching these clips. (Some of the notes might be different, since I uploaded a new video.)

  • Belichick’s speech at the beginning when he says, “We’re on their receivers. He’s [Wilson’s] holding the ball. That’s the way we gotta play.” As fans, we were seeing exactly what Belichick was seeing on TV. Seattle’s receivers suck. They have all year. They were hyped up only because they are on the field for the majority of snaps durng the regular season, and there’s no one else for reporters and photographers to spotlight.
  • Brady went 8/8 on 10 play go-ahead drive to bring the score to 28-24. Are you kidding me? When people think back on his Super Bowl 49 performance, they best not think about his two interceptions. Instead, think about how he rebounded. Came back. Fought through the adversity and was incredible when it counted.
  • Carroll loves having three timeouts from the 50 yard line. “Now it’s three time outs form the 50-yard line, we never give you one this easy,” he says to Russell Wilson around the 2:30 mark in the video. Clock management was huge at the end of this game and the Seahawks failed in that category.
  • Brady exhaling and saying “man” around the 3:52 mark. Even Brady had his doubts.
  • HUGE PLAY HERE. Butler called in to replace Akeem Ayers on the goal-line package. Little did Carroll know, the Patriots were in a goal line package to also stop the pass. That’s why Butler was substituted in to the game.
  • Julian Edelman to Tom Brady at 7:05, “You’re the greatest quarterback in the world.” Edelman is Brady’s side kick. He’s here for life, if he can help it. And then Edelman to Belichick at the 7:30 mark, “I’d do anything for you coach. I’d do anything for you.” Yeah, Edelman’s all in, if you didn’t know that by now.
  • Mark Wahlberg says the greatest line of them all at 7:39, “You’re going to add a couple more to that resume, so what are they going to say.”

Nothing like the final two minute of Super Bowl 49. Nothing like seeing the Patriots react like a bunch of children who just realized recess would be extended an extra 15 minutes or that they had a half day because of a looming snow storm. I’ll honestly say that both of those situations happened to me and it was an amazing feeling. Like winning the Super Bowl as a kid. Couldn’t wait to get out of there, go home, play some Madden…eat a PB&J.

Brady and Kraft post Super Bowl picture

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