Obituary Blames Death for Seahawks’ Failed Super Bowl Play

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 11:00am by Caesar
The moment the Seahawks regretted everything, including apparently killing a kind man

Photo Credit: USA TODAY

(ABC News)  A Washington man’s obituary jokingly blames the Seattle Seahawks’ “lousy play call” in Sunday’sSuper Bowl for his “untimely demise,” but his daughters say their dad loved the team’s head coach, Pete Carroll, who took the fall for the bad call.

Michael Vedvik, of Kent, Washington, died at age 53 early Monday morning after suffering a heart attack. Though a lifelong Seahawks fan, Vedvik had taped the Super Bowl because he was not feeling well and planned to watch it the next morning, his daughters told ABC News.

One of the last lines in Vedvik’s obituary reads, “We blame the Seahawks’ lousy play call for Mike’s untimely demise,” referring to the now infamous decision by the Seahawks to have quarterback Russell Wilson throw the ball in the game’s final moments.

Wilson’s pass was intercepted, sealing the New England Patriots‘ 28-24 Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks.

“If you read it wrong, it could sound bad,” one of Vedvik’s three daughters, 29-year-old Alisha Vedvik, told ABC News. “But if you knew dad and knew that he was stubborn and funny, you would get it.”

“The Super Bowl was his thing and he always wanted the Seahawks to be part of it, and the last two years he was so excited,” Mullins said of the team’s back-to-back Super Bowl runs.

Though Vedvik — who is also survived by a wife, two step-daughters and Alisha and Brittany’s 21-year-old sister, Chelsea — is making headlines with his Seahawks-related obituary, his daughters said he leaves a much greater legacy behind.

“His biggest thing is that he loved his girls,” Alisha Vedvik said.


How did this not make the rounds across New England? We’re ruthless out here. The 10-feet of snow outside our windows are as cold as our hearts. At least during the winter months. However, I’m not sure any New Englander would have dreamed of writing up an obituary quite as unique as this one. Poor freaking Seahawks, if anything. The dad’s upstairs having a couple brews with the big Guy, smiling away at his obituary–according to his family–and the Seahawks are taking heat from all corners of the earth and then below it. And they will be all the way into next year.

The only edit I might have made, at least to ease the qualms of fellow readers who take offense to everything might have been to take out the “We” in “We blame the Seahawks” and put either “I’ or “He.” Still hilarious, but less aggressively condemning.


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