This is Roman Reigns Actually Being Funny. Take Note WWE (video)

Posted on Mar 26 2015 - 5:00am by Caesar

And we have lift off folks! I had to post this in reference to an earlier post where I basically crapped all over Reigns’ personality and how the WWE has incorrectly formed his in-ring character. For the record, I still stand by my latter point, but this video just turned my world upside down.

This interview shows real up close and personal Roman Reigns personality. (Big sigh of relief that it exists.) Now, only if someone important in the WWE would take note and incorporate this into his in-ring character, fans might have something and someone to get behind.  Actually, if I can conjure my inner Dr. Buddy Rydell here, when I say incorporate “this,” what I really mean is, incorporate the actual Roman Reigns into story lines. And when I say the “actual Roman Reigns,” I mean the guy who just went on Conan and showed the world he indeed had a pulse. This wasn’t the same Reigns who insulted the Big Show by comparing him to some Jack and the Beanstalk giant. Or, I think that was his reference. No, this was Reigns in a non-scripted setting. Being actually, genuinely funny.

P.S. Phrase of interest here is: “in a non-scripted setting.”

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