Foxboro, Mass. Resident Jeremy Collins Picks Worst Time to Try Out for CBS Show ‘Survivor’

Posted on May 7 2015 - 7:30pm by Caesar
Collins is voted out

Jeremy Collins is voted out during season 29 of CBS’ reality show Survivor. He has a second chance to play the game again.

If I’m Jeremy Collins this week, I’m not liking my chances to earn a second shot at playing Survivor. During the reality show’s 29th season called Blood v. Water, Foxboro, Mass’ own was blindsided and voted out by his alliance. This time, however,  he faces a much greater challenge than trying to beat out tribe mates. He’s dueling with a very bitter America.

As a twist for the show’s 31st season, Executive Producer and host Jeff Probst announced fans have the opportunity to bring back cast members who they believe were voted out prematurely. For the first time in the show’s 15-year history, fans will construct the cast. The list of contestants contain 16 women and 16 men, including Collins. Voting is currently open on CBS’ website.

Although ultimately failing to win the prized $1 million, Collins actually played a great game during his first go-around. Prior to being voted out, he held a one and 10 shot of being named “Sole Survivor” and taking home a ton of cash. He also played with a type of disciplined aggressiveness that helped him stand out to an always critical and dismissive audience. Further, Collins played the game with his wife Val and was often forced to make decisions based on how it would affect her place in the tournament. (In fairness, she did too.) That’s not not easy to do knowing that when the game concludes, you actually have to live a real life with the woman and face the fall out.

The problem for Collins is, the NFL just published the Wells’ Report, which pretty much accused Tom Brady of cheating last year…without actually accusing him. Which, in the eyes of America, basically means he’s guilty. The Wells Report found it was  “more probable than not” Patriots’ employees intentionally deflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage. The report also concludes Tom Brady was ” at least generally aware” of Patriots’ staffers deflating the balls.

America wants blood. They want Brady’s. Belichick’s. The Organization’s and anyone living in close proximity to New England. In fact, if I lived anywhere along the Eastern seaboard, I might lay low for awhile. Unfortunately for Collins, that means he’s likely on the chopping block for being guilty by association.

…Unless of course, New England rises, once again, in the face of surmounting adversity and votes him in.

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