Seth Rollins Almost Screwed up SummerSlam on Monday Night

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 9:00am by Caesar

In case you missed it, here is, once again, Seth Rollins almost screwing up SummerSlam at the 1:22 mark in the above video.

(And no this isn’t Patriots’ material, but who cares….it’s almost SummerSlam people!)

The match was amazing. Neville, as always, delivered in the squared circle. He not only held his own most of the match, but got in some key offense against the WWE Champion, hitting him with a flurry of kicks, a Super Frankensteiner off the top rope and a Reverse Frankenstein into a cover-up that literally stopped hearts in the crowd.

And that’s what the above clip is all about. The crowd’s sincere reaction.

I can count on a single hand the number of times the WWE has surprised me over the last year. Not because of poor storytelling (although that’s often part of it), but because it gets more and more difficult to show me something I haven’t seen before.

However, no one expected Neville to even come close to winning. No one thought Creative would write him to be victorious or that McMahon would approve. But there he was, a split second away from actually holding the belt.

So how did that happen?

Simply put, Rollins screwed up and almost ruined an entire year’s worth of future WWE material. What in the living hell would Creative have done if Neville won the belt?

A quick thinking ref who had to balk the third count saved everyone behind the curtain a giant Monday night headache.

In any case, if a giant mistake is what it takes to get me on the edge of my seat, then so be it. Keep making them!

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