4 Simple Reasons Why the Patriots Will Beat the Broncos Sunday

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 11:00am by Caesar

Here are the three reasons why the Broncos simply don’t have a shot at getting to Super Bowl 50. Actually, they may not make it out of the game.

Number 1: Brother 1

Tom Brady post


Number 2: Brother 2

Julian Edelman post


Number 3: An angry Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronk tweet


Number 4: An angry Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick tweet

All week, analysts have been breaking down the Patriots and the Broncos. They’ve run through both teams’ offenses and defenses (and some special teams). They’ve gone over the stats. They’ve already begun to open Manning’s casket. And, at least in New England and Vegas, the general theme has been that the Patriots are the superior team. They should win and advance to Super Bowl 50.

Yet, while these analysts ran through the reasons the Pats would win, many others around New England still couldn’t get one fact out of their minds: Brady is 2-6 when playing in Denver. Call it some weird voodoo or Mile High air, but he’s  played flat in Mile High.

That poor road record had been haunting me all week, but then these four gems popped up, and I couldn’t help think to myself: How is Denver seriously going to win this football game. Sure, there’s always a chance for the reasons we mentioned above. But you have a relaxed, and very focused Patriots’ team, which is proven by Brady’s and Edelman’s Facebook posts. Then, you have a very aware (and likely angry) Gronkowski after the Broncos basically said they’re gunning for his legs. And finally, Belichick has been in no mood to talk all week. He’ll joke around after he wins the Super Bowl, and he’s on his boat cruising the Atlantic.

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