NFL Forgets Patriots Kicking Balls at Hotel Before Chiefs Divisional Game

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 7:00am by Caesar

BOSTON (CBS) – State Police confirm they helped the NFL deliver footballs and pressure gauges to Gillette Stadium on Saturday after an official forgot them at their hotel.

Approximately two hours before the Patriots were set to host the Chiefs in the playoffs; State Police at Logan Airport were notified by the Hyatt Hotel that the equipment had been left behind.

Scott Zolak of 98.5 The Sports Hub first reported that the referees forgot the balls at the hotel Saturday night.

Patriots kicking balls


I’m convinced Deflategate will never ever go away. I started to realize that during the summer when Brady beat the NFL in court and Goodell  immediately filed for a re-do in 2016.  This Deflategate story, unlike SpyGate, will die a very slow, excruciating death. In fact, it’ll be like one of those Walkers from the Walking Dead. You know the ones…not when they’re running around kind of discolored. The Walkers that are being half consumed by some oak tree in the middle of the forest. The only time they move is when a faint wind passes by them. They can barely turn their head or move a limb. That’s literally this story. You want it to just end, but every so often a faint breeze passes by and ever so slightly lifts the pages of The Wells Report into the air for all to see.

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