Patriots Troll NFL. Post Instagram Photo of Brady’s Jersey

Posted on Apr 29 2016 - 8:00am by Caesar

Source: CBS Boston

If you didn’t have have a chance to puke all over your TV screen while watching Roger Goodell sit in front of CBS This Morning and speak about how awesome he is, let me help you out. For the past several months, we (NFL fans) have had the pleasure of not really hearing much from Goodell’s camp of minions. Somehow he’s managed to stay out of major controversies (I think? Or am I missing something? I don’t watch ESPN anymore, so maybe I am). Anyway, he recently said the following after CBS This Morning asked him whether it was worth it for the NFL to spend $20 million on an investigation about deflated footballs:

“Well this wasn’t about the actual violation,” Goodell said. “This was about the rights we had negotiated in our collective bargaining agreement, that we had in our collective bargaining agreement, and that we wanted to make sure we retained.”

And then, just in case you didn’t get it out of your system the first go-around, he also replied, in response to a question regarding whether he’s spoken to Robert Kraft and if everyone has moved on from Deflategate:

“Yes I have, I’ve spoken to Robert Kraft, Johnathan Kraft on several occasions, on several different matters. So we are moving forward.”

What he’s really saying is, “Yes, I did speak to the Krafts and I told them you’re not going to win, this is bigger than you. I told them to move on, so we did.”

If anyone actually thought the Krafts had dinner with Goodell to help mend wounds, you need to put down the beer because prior to yesterday’s draft, the Patriots (with the likely blessing of Mr. Kraft) posted this masterpiece on their Instagram. No one knows how to troll better than the Patriots. They have you beat there Roger.

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