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Adam Schefter soothing the anxious hearts of Patriots fans. So all the way up until Gronkowski was on the field writhing in pain, the only thing I cared  about was the Patriots’ keeping their perfect record intact. And then when it happened, I realized how completely selfish I had been. There were more important things in this world, and the football Gods made sure to remind me and everyone else in Patriots Nation. That is Rob Gronkowski. First because of the young guy’s career. And second because of the Patriots’ Super Bowl aspirations. By now, a...Continue reading »

Watch this video on The Scene. From GQ There’s one element of the Wells Report that I [Chuck Klosterman] find fascinating: The report concludes that you had a “general awareness” of the footballs being deflated. The report doesn’t say you were aware. It says you were generally aware. So I’m curious—would you say that categorization is accurate? I guess it depends on how you define the word generally. But was that categorization true or false? [pause] I don’t really wanna talk about stuff like this. There are several reasons why. One is that it’s still...Continue reading »

  Doug Flutie’s mom and dad Not sure I can write up a post that will appropriately respect the gravity of the situation and honor Flutie and his family. There’s no words that can describe it. Devastating doesn’t even come close.  I’m not sure Flutie had any idea his parents only had a short time left–it didn’t seem like it–but it doesn’t matter. Whether you know someone is slipping away or not, it’s still shocking. It still absolutely ruins you inside. You don’t hear about stories like this. Hell, I only...Continue reading »

What were you doing 14 years ago today? Forget? Well, there’s a good chance you were watching the evening news waiting for updates on the condition of the Patriots’ $100 million quarterback, Drew Bledsoe. On September 23, 2001, Jets’ linebacker Mo Lewis changed the Patriots’ franchise forever. With about 5 minutes left in regulation, Bledsoe was trying to get the 0-1 Patriots back into the game. He had failed to do much up to that point, posting a measly stat line of 18-28, 159 yds, 0 tds and 2 ints. The Jets were leading 10-3, but the game...Continue reading »

The Patriots always have success against the Bills. New coach Rex Ryan looks to change that. As soon as the NFL released its regular season schedule, Rex Ryan circled this game and began licking his chops. If history has told us anything, the Bills’ head coach might feast Sunday afternoon, much like he has in the past. And that’s scary for Patriots’ fans. As proof, we only have to look at how his former Jets teams competed against New England during his first two years as the team’s head coach. (Side note: His last few years in New York...Continue reading »

  Here’s Miss Georgia on #DeflateGate #MissAmerica — Hilary Sargent (@lilsarg) September 14, 2015 Miss America is part of the reason America thinks Tom Brady, the Patriots and the rest of New England are a bunch of arrogant (m)assholes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we aren’t. Proudly we certainly can be, for example, between the hours of 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. while driving on 1-93 and 1-95. Or, upon meeting someone for the first time, we feel like we made a genuine connection, only to find...Continue reading »

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