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This is what fans would have seen on opening night if Brady had been suspended. Credit: Redditor Kerbonaut2014 In a previous post, I noted how I wanted to see Brady’s banner unveiled even though the quarterback had been reinstated. I had imagined how the ceremony would take place and if there would still be as much hoopla surrounding the event. Maybe more? I had wondered if the Patriots would still bring in the Dropkick Murphys to play. The Springfield Symphony Orchestra? Would Kraft still get his hood on with T-Pain? Doesn’t matter. Drop the bands and...Continue reading »

If you’re Rodger Goodell, how did you not watch this during Thursday’s opening game and jump out of your seat? After everything that has transpired between you, the quarterback and his franchise, the last thing you want to see is a million clones of Brady. I can just see Goodell thinking to himself, “I didn’t prepare for this one. It’s just a commercial, but could it actually be real? It’s definitely something the Patriots would try.” And yes, they absolutely would try to build an army of Brady’s. At the minimum, it’d...Continue reading »

get ready for a full season of this — El Flaco (@bomani_jones) September 11, 2015 Ok, first, this is hilarious. What are the odds that after ESPN released an article specifically about the Patriots and their supposed criminal ways, the Steelers would have problems with their headsets only several days later? What’s even better is the Steelers’ coaches were hearing the Patriots’ radio broadcast. Can’t make this stuff up. If you haven’t read ESPN’s crazy, incriminating report, it’s definitely worth...Continue reading »

For those who didn’t know, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not present because he “believes the focus should be on the game on the field and the festivities celebrating the Patriots’ Super Bowl Championship.” In other words, “I want to make it through the night alive, and if I show up, it’ll be a war zone.” About midway through the fourth quarter when Patriots’ fans knew the game was in hand, they turned their attention elsewhere: Roger Goodell. Trolling the NFL’s commissioner, a deafening “Where is Roger?”...Continue reading »

THIS is the banner the @Patriots would have unveiled tonight if Tom Brady did not play @nflnetwork — melissa stark (@melissastark) September 10, 2015 This is the banner the Patriots were planning on hanging from the rafters had Brady’s 4-game suspension been upheld. I love the fact Berman exonerated Brady and officially declared a start to the NFL season. However at the same time, there’s a small piece of me that wishes the Patriots would just drop this Brady banner anyway. I’m sure Goodell is just squirming in his seat...Continue reading »

Credit: New England Patriots. Rob Gronkowski scores against the Steelers back in 2013 When did the off season begin and end? Seriously. Between all the headache-creating talk about Deflategate and Gisele and Tom’s perfect marriage being on the ropes, I must have spent just as much money on Aspirin as the NFL did on the Wells Report. But, finally, we’re back to football talk. X’s and O’s, player analysis and game recaps…or at least my biased opinions and crazy predictions. So, let’s get started. If I’m the Patriots this week, I’m...Continue reading »

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