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BREAKING: Tom Brady beats NFL in Deflategate court case. Judge nullifies league’s 4-game suspension. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 3, 2015 Finally, after months and months of trying to break free from the NFL’s iron grip, Brady did it. Finally. This was the correct ruling by Judge Berman. It doesn’t matter whether Brady did something wrong or not, the facts were laid right out in front of everyone and not one of them indicated Brady specifically and officially did anything illegal. Sorry, Goodell. You’re...Continue reading »

Former general manager of the Packers, Ron Wolf is a big fan of Roger Goodell and he let it be known during a ceremony on Thursday night. As he walked across the stage he crossed paths with the all-mighty Commissioner and made sure to give him a quick compliment: “Way to go on that Brady thing.” Goodell’s response: A Joker-like laugh. Do we need further proof the NFL, and their friends, were in on taking down the Patriots and the prince this entire time? Deflategate has obviously become personal. All practical reason and judicial practices were thrown...Continue reading »

In case you missed it, here is, once again, Seth Rollins almost screwing up SummerSlam at the 1:22 mark in the above video. (And no this isn’t Patriots’ material, but who cares….it’s almost SummerSlam people!) The match was amazing. Neville, as always, delivered in the squared circle. He not only held his own most of the match, but got in some key offense against the WWE Champion, hitting him with a flurry of kicks, a Super Frankensteiner off the top rope and a Reverse Frankenstein into a cover-up that literally stopped hearts in the crowd. And...Continue reading »

Credit goes to Funny or Die for perfectly encapsulating how ludicrous the NFL’s decision  was to suspend Brady off the fact he destroyed his cell phone.  Yes destroying a phone looks suspicious and a little psychotic. Like, Tom, if you’ve been destroying your phone every year since you won your first three Super Bowls, what the hell is on that cell phone anyway? Now I’m even more intrigued.  But in today’s day and age, when events like the “Fappening” take place out of nowhere, I suppose I don’t blame Brady for wanting...Continue reading »

Is this further proof that Tom Brady is just adding to his arsenal of weapons to take down every team in the NFL this season? Reverses at training camp? One handed catches during the Dog Days of Summer? And doing so in front of a crowd when usually the Patriots reserve to practice this stuff away from the eyes of the public? Is Brady’s one handed catch a message? You can bet like hell it’s a message. Recently McCourty joined 98.5 the Sports Hub and faced a slew of Deflatgate questions, as expected. While the Patriots, and the courts, have informed the team...Continue reading »

Sometime so many things make sense at once. ...

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