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Plain and simple, the Patriots’ defense won this football game, and Wilfork made THE play of the afternoon when he intercepted Derek Carr. Damn, and to think Wilfork had lost a step or two…absolutely not. This guy was easily the second best receiver on the Patriots behind Edelman. If I’m Danny Amendola (1 target, 0 receptions), I’m suddenly feeling a little nervous about my place on the depth chart. You know it’s true. ...

Instead of going out of bounds, Gronkowski absolutely destroys Charles Woodson. Looks like he was telling the truth when he said he’d play like he always has…aggressive. Good to see the big guy back! ...

The Raiders Broadcast the “Tuck Rule” Call And Then Hate Their Lives For most of the game the Raiders were taking it to the Patriots, and they eventually held a commanding 13-3 lead heading into the fourth quarter. With the conditions as rough as they were and the Patriots’ offense as anemic as it was, a 10-point comeback seemed insurmountable. Of course, that ended up being the beauty of this game. The drama came at the end, and it’s a theme that would follow the Patriots for years to come. [pullquote]NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note...Continue reading »

Tedy Bruschi on NFL Live: "We needed someone to go up there and be a leader…and that wasn't done."— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) September 19, 2014 Amen Bruschi. So, we finally had the chance to hear Bruschi’s real opinion on this subject’s matter. On WEEI this past week, Bruschi was reticent on offering up his take on the domestic and child abuses cases circulating around the NFL. However, after Goodell gave a spotty press conference today in New York addressing the issues,...Continue reading »

  Forty seconds into locker-room interview, Logan Mankins uses Bill Belichick-type quote to describe the state of the Buccaneers. Classic Belichick.   During last night’s Falcons-Bucs game, I saw an image of Mankins slouching forward on the bench. It was probably sometime in the third quarter. He might have been resting and recovering from a knee injury or just bored out of his mind because his team was getting crushed. For a moment I felt bad and thought to myself, “Man,...Continue reading »

I have absolutely no idea who the hell this guy is, but that is absolutely one ballsy move. While the rest of the reporters are asking thorough, well-thought out questions that probably took them hours to prepare, this guy is just getting right to the point. I sometimes wonder what some one like this is thinking when they wake up in the morning. They eat their Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs, down a glass of orange juice, look into the mirror and say to themselves, “This is the day I’m going to get my ass thrown in jail in the...Continue reading »

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