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The Patriots limited the Vikings last week to just 217 total yards. Yes, they have a chance to do even better this week. Photo by: Keith Nordstrom   The Patriots used to have a rivalry with the Raiders. It used to be fun to watch, witness, and be a part of because both teams really hated each other. After all, how can you not hate someone after they cheated you out something you really wanted? In the first round of the 1976 playoffs, a controversial roughing the passer penalty on Patriots’ Ray Hamilton cost New England a spot in the Conference Championship....Continue reading »

So, this happened tonight. If you’re a Buccaneers’ fan, you are probably regretting not buying that 30 rack tonight. Instead, you likely went to the store  and purchased that nice six pack of some spicy pumpkin ale. You though you’d sit back on a Thursday night–looking forward to the weekend– and watch some Thursday Night Football. Maybe eat some freaking chips and some guacamole. Does guacamole and pumpkin beer even taste good together? Whatever, your team pretty much told you to shove your fandom up...Continue reading »

According to source: Cards RB Johnathan Dwyer was just arrested for domestic violence @azfamily @AZCardinals — TylerBaldwin (@tylerbaldwin) September 17, 2014 And now this suddenly happens. The firestorm that has swirled around the NFL for the past few weeks, just got a little hotter. Yet another case of assault has been reported, this time with second-string running back Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals. This year he has only recorded 51 yards on 16 carries and a touchdown. Unlike Vikings’ running...Continue reading »

  Cornerback Xavier Rhodes  and the Vikings’ defense struggled to contain Patriots’ receiver Julian Edelman on Sunday. Photo credit: Patriots’ AP This list is pretty one sided because of the Patriots’ dominant win over the Vikings. After the depressing amount of articles that were put out on this site prior to the game, this article was a life saver. Although the Patriots have a long way to go before they evolve into the Championship team we all day dreamed about in the offseason, they took a huge step this week. The offense definitely has...Continue reading »

Absolutely unbelievable. But did we really not see this coming? With all that is swirling around with the NFL at the moment, you would think teams might back off a bit. However, just like when a player is injured, the next player steps up. The NFL’s world keeps spinning no matter the circumstances, and this is just another case of the “win at all cost” attitude teams inherently possess. Sports radio, talk shows and every critic in between have all bashed the NFL for absolutely botching this case. And they have and continue...Continue reading »

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks It was really only a matter of time before celebrities and public officials weighed in their opinion on the NFL’s current PR nightmare. These celebs won’t clean anything up–they rarely ever do–but they can certainly make things a bit messier, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. Earlier yesterday, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton released a statement pretty much declaring that Adrian Peterson sucks and the team should suspend the running back until the...Continue reading »

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