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Not fired? Fired? Kind of fired? Doesn’t matter. Simmons will be officially out of ESPN’s restrictive net when his contract runs up later...Continue reading »

Anddddddd I’m not surprised by this one bit. The end. Bettis and the Steelers always had a bitch of a time against the Patriots and even lost to...Continue reading »

The above video is of obviously Scott’s ESPY speech, which is as powerful as the man who worked at ESPN for over twenty years. ¬†Whatever you thought...Continue reading »

So I’ll give Indianapolis some benefit of the doubt. This is a relatively new poll. Only about 5,000 people have responded so far, and maybe it’s...Continue reading »

Tell me right now you didn’t 1) Listen to this part of Gronk’s ESPN interview and laugh your fucking ass off when the tight end said he watches...Continue reading »

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